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Can a baby change its position inside the womb during the second trimester, specifically around the 7th month of pregnancy? I am curious to know if it is common for babies to turn or move at this stage.
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Yes, it is possible for a baby to change its position in the womb at 7 months of pregnancy. During the second trimester, babies have more space to move around and can often be seen turning or flipping inside the womb. This movement is known as "quickening" and is a normal part of fetal development. As your baby grows, you may feel them shifting positions frequently. It's important to note that every pregnancy is different, and some babies may be more active than others. If you have any concerns about your baby's movements or positioning, it's always best to consult with your healthcare provider for reassurance and guidance.

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Yes baby can turn right up to 39 weeks, it's harder for them when they get bigger but it can happen. If baby isn't head down before 38 weeks or so, drs might try some things to help baby turn. Once head down in 3rd trimester its unlikely they will turn again, but does occasionally happen. 

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