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I am currently 25 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with placenta previa. I was informed that bleeding can occur from 20 weeks onwards, but I haven't experienced any bleeding so far. Is it possible for the placenta to shift position, eliminating the need for a C-section?
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Not always. But once you have low lying placenta, you have to be very cautious. Try not to walk a long distance, avoid sexual intercourses, drink a gallon of water per day and if possible have 2-3 hours bed rest in afternoons.

I was told I have Placenta previa when we were 20 weeks. As I didnt followed instructions, began to bleed in 24th week. After 1 week hospital stay bleeding stoped. Now I'm at home almost all day, going out once a week and walking less than half mile.

You can use pregnancy belly band, it will help you to reduce the pressure that baby puts on placenta. It's less painful to walk with belly band.

I asked my doctor in 27th week ,whether I will have c section because of PP, she told me it's early to talk about it. As your uterus grows, placenta can move above.

I also have PP. It was diagnosed around 22 weeks. I am currently on my 32 weeks and didn't have any bleeding until now. On my last doctor's visit i was told the placenta is slowly moving so i may not need a c-section. The doc said she will check on the 36th week to make sure if it has actually moved all the way.
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