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My doctor told me that "second c section will be before 15 days" but is this harmful to the baby or not? My first c section was happened because my baby is not breathing during labor.. So is this risky to stay more than 38 week for waiting labor pain..??

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I don't have much advice but I would talk to the midwife. Also depends on the hospital policy. You can always ask for a second opinion from the doctors

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38 weeks is the normal time for c-section
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Hello! I have had 4 c-sections and will have my 5th in Novemeber. The doctors usually DO NOT give a c-section more than a week before your due date. As for the health and developement of the baby, they like you as close to the due date without putting you or the child at risk. If they feel you may go into early labor , or if there is a health risk to the baby or yourself than they may schedule your c-section a little sooner than the week before but usually not much before. You should not be having a c-section 2 weeks or more before your due date unless it is an emergency! It should always be as close to your due date as possible!
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I'm having my second C-section but will be done in week 39, unless if there is an emergency 

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