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I have been diagnosed with subchorionic hemorrhage at nine weeks. Can anyone provide statistics on the outcomes of pregnancies with this condition?
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Subchorionic hemorrhage, also known as subchorionic hematoma, is a condition where there is bleeding between the placenta and the uterine wall. It can cause vaginal bleeding during pregnancy and may lead to concerns about the health of the fetus. While it can be alarming, it's important to note that many women with subchorionic hemorrhage go on to have successful pregnancies.

The outcomes of pregnancies with subchorionic hemorrhage vary depending on several factors such as the size and location of the hematoma, as well as individual circumstances. In some cases, the hematoma may resolve on its own without causing any complications. However, in other instances, it may persist or even increase in size, potentially leading to more significant issues.

Research suggests that smaller hematomas are generally associated with better outcomes compared to larger ones. Studies have shown that around 50-70% of women with subchorionic hemorrhage go on to have healthy pregnancies and deliver healthy babies. However, it's essential to consult with your healthcare provider for personalized information and guidance based on your specific situation.

Your doctor will monitor your condition closely through regular ultrasounds and may recommend bed rest or activity restrictions if necessary. They will also assess any symptoms you experience such as vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain.

It's important to remember that every pregnancy is unique, and while statistics can provide some insight into potential outcomes, they cannot predict individual experiences accurately. If you have concerns about your pregnancy or need further information about subchorionic hemorrhage, reach out to your healthcare provider for guidance and support throughout your journey.

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I GUSHED bright red blood and clots from 7 to 10 weeks, then spotted brown until 13 weeks due to a subchorionic hemorrhage. My beautiful boy is now 2 1/2! Try not to worry--I know it's hard!

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I am 12 weeks and was diagnosed with SCH in the ER today. I had been spotting lightly for weeks,but just a light brown color. This morning I stood up and the gush of blood was so bad I had to run for the bathroom and was soaked by the time I got there! It was so scary! we rushed to the ER, and soon after arriving it happened again. But - the ultrasound and bloodwork showed everything to be okay so far and I have been put on bed rest for at least a week. I am so glad to hear everyone reporting successful pregnancies - it really gives me confidence!

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I was diagnosed with a SCH at 14 weeks. I have continued to have on and off bleeding and spotting over the past week with light cramping. I have been to the ER twice because of this and had to see two different obgyns who were not helpful at all. My body feels like I should be resting more but with out the doctors orders for bed rest my work will not give me less hours or less work. My SCH is small, but it really concerns me. My obgyns wont even see me again for a month or give mean ultra sound for another two months. Basically, I'm just hoping the SCH will go away and I will be able to carry a healthy baby full term.The most info I have gotten has been online and from this website. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories.

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Just want to said thank you for all your story omg right now I'm freaking out but read those story made me feel a lot better thank you lady

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Yes .I have this in 10 week pregnancy.but now in 13 week it reduced in size.my gynecologist gave me progesterone treatment.and my is also active and good.

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