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I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and experiencing constant and severe pain in my lower abdomen. I have seen my doctor, but he says there is nothing wrong. Is it normal to feel this level of pain at this stage of pregnancy?
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It is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience some level of discomfort or pain during their pregnancy, especially as the baby grows and puts pressure on different parts of the body. However, severe and persistent pain should not be ignored.

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, your uterus is expanding rapidly, which can cause stretching and pulling sensations in the lower abdomen. This can sometimes result in mild to moderate discomfort or occasional sharp pains.

However, if you are experiencing severe pain that is interfering with your daily activities or causing significant distress, it is important to seek medical attention. While your doctor may have initially determined that there is nothing medically concerning based on their assessment, it's always a good idea to follow up if the pain persists or worsens.

There are several potential causes for severe abdominal pain during pregnancy, including:

  • Round ligament pain: As your uterus expands, the ligaments supporting it stretch and can cause sharp or stabbing pains on one or both sides of your lower abdomen.

  • Braxton Hicks contractions: These are practice contractions that help prepare your body for labor. They can sometimes be quite intense and mistaken for real labor contractions.

  • Urinary tract infection (UTI): UTIs are more common during pregnancy and can cause abdominal discomfort along with other symptoms such as frequent urination or burning sensation while urinating.

  • Preterm labor: Severe abdominal pain accompanied by other signs like regular contractions before 37 weeks could indicate preterm labor. This requires immediate medical attention.

  • Placental abruption: In rare cases, the placenta may detach from the uterine wall, causing severe pain and potentially endangering both you and your baby. This is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention.

    It's important to communicate your concerns with your doctor and provide them with as much detail as possible about the nature, intensity, and duration of your pain. They may want to conduct further tests or examinations to rule out any underlying issues.

    In the meantime, there are some self-care measures you can try to alleviate mild discomfort:

    - Resting in a comfortable position
    - Applying heat or cold packs to the affected area
    - Taking warm baths or showers
    - Gentle stretching exercises or prenatal yoga

    Remember, every pregnancy is unique, and what may be normal for one woman may not be for another. Trust your instincts and advocate for yourself if you feel that something is not right. Your health and the well-being of your baby are top priorities, so don't hesitate to seek additional medical advice if needed.

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    Severe an consistent are out of the ordinary. Your child could be too heavy. Is it pain or pressure?

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    I experienced the same thing this pregnancy, I'm now 31+wks and the pain has mostly stopped but my doctor also insisted everything was normal. I hope you start to hurt less soon. 
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    I have the same problem i am 27 weeks and 3 days but i have clear water drops coming out occasionally can anyone advise what it could be? 

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