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In my anatomy scan, doctors discovered that my cervix is measuring around 1.5 cm, which is considered short. They have advised bedrest and prescribed progesterone. Can a short cervix at this stage pose a real danger of premature labor? Thank you.
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A short cervix at 21 weeks can increase the risk of premature labor, but with proper management, it can be minimized. Bedrest and progesterone are common interventions to help prevent preterm birth in cases of cervical insufficiency. Bedrest reduces pressure on the cervix, while progesterone helps maintain the uterine lining and prevent contractions. It's important to follow your doctor's advice and attend regular check-ups to monitor your cervical length. In some cases, a cerclage (a stitch placed around the cervix) may be recommended to provide additional support. Remember to stay hydrated, avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities, and report any signs of preterm labor such as regular contractions or vaginal bleeding immediately to your healthcare provider.

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Hello. I have short cervix too. I was 2.8cm at 25 weeks. Really freaking out. At which week did you deliver your baby? Did everything go well ? 
It is dangerous at this time bcoz you are so early for 2.8 cm,my cervix also was 2.2cm at week 22 that I make examination and doctor put me a ring,now am 32 weeks,with rest and care everything will be good..what your doctor suggest you?
Thank you for response. My doctor told me to take bed rest and not to lift anything heavy. In my recent checkup at 27 weeks, the length shortened to 27mm. Doctor has not advice for any medication or surgery.just told to have bed rest.In addition to short cervix, i recently got diagoned with gestational diabetec. Praying everything goes well.
I am suffering from this problem thats why am suggesting something,its deppend on you what you will choose..You must take care for yourself,don't choose surgery bcoz its dangerous again,ask your doctor for ring Arabin Pessary,and if you put this use every night progresterone vaginal cream,it will help you to much.. don't stay like this bcos the weigh of your baby will be higher risk till the end,of course your cervix will open more and more..I hope I helped you and God blessed you and your baby

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