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I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and have recently started experiencing all-day sickness in the form of nausea and vomiting. Is this a normal symptom at this stage of pregnancy, or should I be concerned?
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Nausea and vomiting, commonly referred to as morning sickness, is a common symptom experienced by many women during early pregnancy. It typically starts around 6-8 weeks gestation and can last until the end of the first trimester. While it can be unpleasant, it is generally considered a normal part of pregnancy. The exact cause of morning sickness is not fully understood, but hormonal changes are believed to play a role. If you are concerned about the severity or frequency of your symptoms, it is always best to consult with your healthcare provider for further evaluation and guidance. They may be able to provide suggestions on managing your symptoms or recommend additional interventions if necessary. In the meantime, there are some self-care measures you can try to alleviate discomfort such as eating small, frequent meals; avoiding triggers that worsen symptoms; staying hydrated; getting plenty of rest; and trying ginger or other natural remedies with your doctor's approval. Remember that every pregnancy is unique, so what may be normal for one person may not be for another. Trust your instincts and reach out to your healthcare provider if you have any concerns or questions about your specific situation.

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Yes sounds about right... I was 6 weeks and I'm 11+4 now and still feeling rubbish everyday

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OK was just checking my last pregnancy I had sickness ever since maybe the 3rd week but this one didn't start until 7weeks I thought something was wrong maybe

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