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This is my second pregnancy and I'm currently 18 weeks along. However, I haven't felt any baby movements yet, and the scan shows that my placenta is anterior. When can I expect to start feeling the baby move?
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Feeling your baby's movements during pregnancy is an exciting milestone for every expecting parent. While it's common to start feeling these movements between 18-25 weeks of pregnancy, several factors can influence when you'll feel them.

One such factor is the position of your placenta. An anterior placenta means that it's located at the front of your uterus, acting as a cushion between your baby and your abdominal wall. This positioning can make it more challenging to perceive fetal movements early on.

Typically, women with an anterior placenta may experience delayed or less noticeable movements compared to those with a posterior (back) or fundal (top) placenta. However, rest assured that as your pregnancy progresses and your baby grows stronger, you will eventually feel those precious kicks and flutters.

If this is your second pregnancy, you might recognize fetal movements earlier than first-time moms due to increased familiarity with the sensation. Additionally, factors like body weight, individual sensitivity, and the position of the baby can also affect when you'll feel movement.

It's important to note that if you're concerned about not feeling any movement by 25 weeks or if there are significant changes in your baby's activity levels later on in pregnancy, it's best to consult your healthcare provider. They can perform additional tests or ultrasounds to ensure everything is progressing well.

Remember that every pregnancy is unique, and while waiting for those first magical kicks can be anxiety-inducing, try to stay patient and positive. Soon enough, you'll be able to cherish those beautiful moments of connection with your growing little one.

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You can feel the baby movements around 20 weeks. I am soon to be 22weeks this coming Saturday. I felt my baby move in the 19week. Just be little patient
Am 8 weeks and I feel my baby moves
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You can feel the movements from 5 months onwards.
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You can feel your baby movement at last of 4 month to 6  month . 

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