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Is it normal to experience spotting and brown discharge during the 8th week of pregnancy? I'm worried as this is my first pregnancy. Please respond promptly. Thank you.
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Spotting and brown discharge can be common during early pregnancy, including the 8th week. It is often caused by implantation bleeding or hormonal changes. However, it's important to consult your healthcare provider to rule out any potential complications. They can evaluate your specific situation and provide appropriate guidance. Keep track of the amount, color, and duration of the discharge, as well as any accompanying symptoms like cramping or pain. If you experience heavy bleeding, severe pain, or have concerns about your pregnancy, seek medical attention immediately.

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I too had light spotting at 9 weeks. 2-3 days later medium bleeding. Doctor found out subchorionic hemorrhage and was admitted for 2 days. Now i am at 15 weeks with everything looking fine.  Visit your doctor.be safe then sorry

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