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I recently saw the heartbeat of my 7-week-old fetus, which was at a healthy rate of 130 beats per minute. Is it safe to inform others about my pregnancy at this stage? Additionally, has the risk of miscarriage significantly reduced by now?
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Congratulations on reaching the 7-week mark in your pregnancy! Seeing the heartbeat is an exciting milestone that indicates a healthy development. While there is no definitive answer as to when it is completely safe to share your pregnancy news, many women choose to do so after they have seen a strong heartbeat during an ultrasound scan.

At 7 weeks, the risk of miscarriage has significantly decreased compared to earlier stages. However, it's important to note that there is still a small chance of miscarriage until you reach the end of the first trimester (around 12 weeks). The risk gradually decreases as your pregnancy progresses.

Ultimately, deciding when and whom to share your pregnancy news with is a personal choice. Some factors you may want to consider include your comfort level, support system, and any previous medical history or complications. It can be helpful to discuss this decision with your partner and healthcare provider for guidance.

Remember that sharing your joyous news can also bring support and excitement from loved ones during this special time.

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Most would advise holding off announcing until you've had your 12 week scan as that's when the chance of complications and/or miscarriage decrease significantly. I told a few close people from the minute I found out lol. I'm almost 11 weeks now. If you want to tell people, it's your decision, just keep in mind that you're not out of the woods for another 5 weeks. :) I wish you all the best 

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Id wait another 5 weeks untill your past 12 weeks as past 12 weeks thats the risk gone down! Wish you all the best :)
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The risk of miscarriage goes down at 12 weeks

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The reason most people hold of telling anyone u til 12 weeks is yes because of misscarrying but because if something was to go wrong an you told a thousand people there suddenly gonna start asking questions qhen there  is no bump or baby in the end.. let's be fair a doctor has never actually said to any of us "you can't tell people until 12 weeks because of miscarriages" it's like a superstition that every female believes because of generations before us... it's the same as not havin the cot up or the pram in the house.. an yet I had both in mine an told people an my little one is still fighting fit waiting to join us.. everyone is different an sometimes there are no explanation or reasons why things happen...but thay shouldn't stop you or hold you back from enjoying the gift youve been given... every pregnant women especially first time moms worry about miscarriage for the first 12 weeks an then carry on worrying about still births, SIDS an everything else after that...the only thing you can do is help them grow inside you an keep them safe you can stop the things from happening you don't want too an you can't make things happen you wish you could...so relax enjoy your pregnancy (even the not so fun parts like morning sickness) because in 9 months when your holding your baby your gonna miss your bump an the little kicks to say hello but it will all be worth it x

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