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My in-laws chose "Mom-mom" and "Pop-pop" as grandparents, but I prefer "Grandma" and "Grandpa." How can I communicate my preference without hurting their feelings? Should I compromise or stand firm?
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When it comes to choosing grandparent names, open communication is key. Start by expressing your appreciation for their chosen names and the effort they put into selecting them. Then, kindly explain your personal preference for more traditional names like "Grandma" and "Grandpa." Emphasize that this is not a reflection of their choice, but rather a matter of personal comfort. Offer to find a compromise that respects both parties' preferences, such as using different names when addressing them privately versus in front of the grandchildren. Ultimately, finding common ground through respectful dialogue is crucial in maintaining positive family relationships.

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Give in, it's easier in the long run  

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It's your baby, so in the end that is your decision. Maybe just tell them how you feel, and why, and get them to change their mind.

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