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I've noticed from about 15weeks veins on my chest and now all on my boobs all on the sides of my belly going toward my belly button and on my legs too, any1 else notice this? they are so blue I've never seen this happen before even on my arms they stand out so much, Little worries tbh  

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Yes. I am now 37 week with my 2nd baby. With both babys I got spider veins on my legs. Also larger veins on belly and chest. This is because when we become pregnant our body will make more and more blood. But we do not grow more veins to accommodate the extra blood. So our veins will expand and sometimes move just under the surface of skin. Also some vein may burst making spider veins which can sometimes be painful. If you have lighter skin tone you may see veins more clearly. This is all normal but to much pain is not. So is they become painful talk to ob or midwife.

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