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I'm 24 weeks pregnant and I didnt start feeling my baby move until about a week ago. I was extremely worried about it especially since I've had a miscarriage before . But she is completely fine. Shes growing great. Everyone's pregnancy is different. Dont panic if you arent feeling your baby move yet. You will. 
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It's most likely that it is still very early to feel any movement especially, if it's your first pregnancy. I didn't start feeling the "fluttering" until I was 19 weeks and only at half way through my 22 week I started feeling movement and tiniest little kicks. Don't stress yourself. Contact your doctor or midwife if you haven't anything after 24th week.
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If you are worried buy a fetal doubler for piece of mind. I bought one for 40 bucks and they work great. I suffered a miscarriage in Feb 2020 then became pregnant again in May of 2020 and I was so stressed out all the time so I bought a fetal doubler to check her heartbeat if I became worried. I just had my daughter in Jan 2021 and just yesterday found out I am pregnant again. This is a very exciting time and the first time you feel your baby move is so precious. With my daughter I would just lay in bed myself for an hour or so just do I could feel her moving. 16 weeks is early to feel the baby moving so give it a couple more weeks but at first it will feel kinda like gas bubbles and very hard to determine if it's the baby or something else. Congratulations 

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