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Super worried because all of my symptoms disappeared. 

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Maybe your one of the lucky ones hun, I didnt have any symptoms at all with my 2 boys but this time around with my little girl I've had all the symptoms but if your worried contact your health care professional 
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The same thing happened to me last February and I found out I had a missed miscarriage I would contact your ob right away for an ultrasound. I became pregnant again only a month later and just gave birth in Jan. Once again yesterday found out I am pregnant again 4 weeks and 3 days. After the missed miscarriage I was so traumatized by it I was stressed out throughout my entire pregnancy eith my daughter. Go buy a fetal doubler if everything comes out OK its a huge stress relief and gave me piece of mind
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I'm not going to lie, that used to freak me out, too. Lol Too many symptoms, not enough symptoms, etc. But honestly, I would just take the break well. It's okay to wonder, but don't allow yourself to worry. You will know if something has gone wrong, and there will definitely be cramping and blood if there is. Especially the further along you get. Just trust in the process and allow yourself to have this break. 

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