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I have had alot of aches with my second child unlike my first I hardly had any as I was heavier by 30lb with my first , .I feel it all now and the left or right sharp comes and goes sometime all 2 hours today started up again is this normal for ligament to come and go for hours at a time even when sit or lay ??? I dont do much during weekends I only go shop ad I work from home for years. So I am eating well as nd trying my best to do leg lifts and want to stay healthy my BP is low between 98 and or 111 over 76 daily.  No known issues had blood test all normal sugar levels great at my 5 week blood work.  But the aches worry me as I had doc and she says fine 2.5 weeks ago but I am miserable .

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This is my second pregnancy and I have the exact same thing as what your saying. A belly band does help to take the pressure off of your pelvic area. With your first its not bad because your body is making room for baby but with the second they tend to sit lower because the first baby made the room. I suggest walking as much as you can. Sitting down and doing nothing will cause pain. Obviously you can't walkwhen your sleeping. Maybe try a pillow in between your legs I find that helps also. Otherwise keep doing what your doing. Baby is growing still just obviously causing pain for us mommas. 

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