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M 3.5 month pregnant...  

My first baby is 1.6 year old.

She is very lazy and denied to eat food nd milk,so she still need some breast milk.

May i continue further my bf to her...... Or its harmful for her....

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I continued to breastfeed during my pregnancy on my 1 year old and my midwofe said it was fine 
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It's not harmful to the pregnancy but it's harmful to the baby girl at hand...and it's not good for you the mother also... encourage your baby girl to eat other foods reminding her that she's a big girl who's going to be a big sister soon 
It's safe l breastfeed my son until l was 5 month he is fit
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No it is not safe to breastfeed while you are pregnant because any nipple stimulation whie you are pregnant can cause you to go into labor. When you breastfeed it causes your uterus to contract. I would talk to your doctor but from everything I have read it is not safe to breastfeed while pregnant
Early on in pregnancy she will be fine  maybe toward end of pregnancy that may be true but not early on. Millions on women breastfeed whilst being pregnant
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It is completely safe my kids are barely a year apart I nursed my daughter throughout my whole pregnancy and a little bit after I was nursing two babies my 1-year-old and my newborn there's nothing wrong with it

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