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What are the various sensations that women experience during Braxton Hicks contractions? Can they be compared to period pain or actual labor contractions? Share your personal experiences and opinions. I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant and unsure if I've had any Braxton Hicks contractions yet.
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Braxton Hicks contractions, also known as "practice contractions," are a normal part of pregnancy. They are sporadic, irregular uterine contractions that can start as early as the second trimester. While every woman's experience may vary, there are some common sensations associated with Braxton Hicks.

Some women describe Braxton Hicks as a tightening or squeezing sensation in their abdomen, similar to when you do a sit-up or get a muscle cramp. Others compare it to mild menstrual cramps or a feeling of pressure on their lower abdomen. Some may even feel their uterus harden and then relax after a few seconds or minutes.

It's important to note that Braxton Hicks contractions should not be as intense or painful as actual labor contractions. If you're experiencing severe pain, regular intervals between contractions, or any other concerning symptoms, it's crucial to contact your healthcare provider immediately.

As for determining whether you've had Braxton Hicks yet at 34 weeks, it's possible that you might have experienced them without realizing it. Some women have mild or unnoticeable Braxton Hicks contractions throughout their pregnancy. However, if you're unsure and want confirmation, consult with your healthcare provider who can help identify these practice contractions through an examination.

Remember that every pregnancy is unique, and what one woman experiences may differ from another. It's always best to trust your instincts and seek medical advice if anything feels unusual or concerning during your pregnancy journey.

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I am 37 weeks and 4 days and my first couple Braxton hicks felt a bit like period cramps but only lasted maybe 30 seconds and that was about a week ago since then I've had a couple but unlike the cramps the ones that I've had recently dont hurt at all I just feel my whole stomach get really really tight and it gets hard but with no pain, they're really weird for me 

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Thankyou for your reply.... I was only curious as I recently went to the hospital an they said I was having "tightening" but I couldn't feel it...it just felt like baby moving to me...I am now 39+5 so hopefully baby will come any day now....

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