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I just found out today that we are having a boy. I've always pictured myself with a girl, I thought I was pregnant with a girl, when I referred to a specific gender it was a girl. Im disappointed that it's a boy and because im disappointed I feel bad that I feel disappointed. I know its going to be great but I can't help but feel sad. Am I wrong in this? I know we are going to try again at some point but im already almost 35 and I don't know how to spin this in my head. 

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Awww it's going be alright, you'll love him just the same.  Trust Me. Boys are adorable. That mother and son bond is AMAZING, especially when he's older. They are very very protective of their mothers. I have 5 son's and a daughter and another son on the way. My oldest 2 are 20 and 18.

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