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During the third/week4tg  of pregnancy I weighed 60 kgs. Now i am 14 weeks pregnant with 57 kgs weight. Lost 3 kgs in 10 weeks. Is it normal?

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Y u r thinking about weight loss during pregnancy

U have to be eat more and more for ur baby he doesn't eat that all but important protiens and vitamins go through by ur food only dnt think about weight loss just think about your baby
I dont believe she is trying to lose weight. Some women dont gain as much or any weight during pregnancy. I eat very healthy, and I have been losing weight the entire pregnancy up until recently I was able to gain 1.9lbs finally.
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I have lost about 6lbs throughout my pregnancy. I'm 19 weeks and I just finally gained 1.9lbs . I was concerned as well as I'm a size small already, however my doctor assured me that baby is taking what baby needs from me. I wouldnt be too concerned, however bring it up with your gyne at your next appointment to be sure.

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