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鈥?Our History

Jinan FLD Extrusion Machinery CO.,LTD, special on food extrusion tech and machinery manufacturer in Jinan city, China. Our Company, established in 2012. Our working team have experienced more than 10 years on extrusion processing. Especially on Service after selling. Our engineer have worked in more than 30 countries for extrusion service yet. Our machinery get good reputation by good quality and good working.

Welcome to coming our company JINAN FLD Extrusion factory, checking the machinery freely and make choice freely according to your need exactly.

鈥?Our Factory

Jinan FLD Extrusion Machinery Co.,Ltd, is special on manufacturing food machinery.

FLD EXTRUSION, locating on Jinan Industrial Area, Shandong Province, China. Our manufacturing factory is more than 6000M2, workers more than 60. It is one of Chinese National Standard Industrial park. Water and electricity supply stable to make sure the industrial processing working stable.

Our factory is about 20KM to Jinan high speed railway station, about 40KM to Jinan airport.

鈥?Our Product

Our mainly products: Snacks food extruder, fish food machine, dog food machine, pet food machine, puff snacks machine, core filling snacks machinery, Corn Puff Snack Extruder, pet chews food machine, pet snacks machine, corn flakes production line, lab twin screw extruder, twins screw extruder, double screw extruder, niknaks machine, cheetos food machine, textured soya protein food machine, soya nugget machine, pellets snacks production line, puff ring snacks extruder, fry snacks food machine, pasta macaroni machine, pasta processing line, single screw extruder, artificial rice production line, breadcrumbs machine, baby food powder production line, instant noodle processing line, and so on鈥?/span>

鈥?Product Application

For Puff snacks factory, pet fish farm, Meat processing factory.

鈥?Our Certificate

鈥?Production Equipment

Welding machine, Steel Cutting Machine, Sheet metal processing machine, hole puncher, Shearing machine, CNC Lathe, Laster cutter

鈥?Production Market

Now we have exported our machines to many countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil etc., and get good reputation from the clients. Some of them become our agents.

鈥?Our Service

1. Before order, Jinan FLD Extrusion Machinery factory could design the drawing of buyers factory, check how to lay the machinery ,what is the electricity consumption and wires need.

2. After ordering,manufacturing machinery and dispatching it in time.

3. The after-sale system of Jinan Jinan FLD Extrusion Machinery Company is divided into three parts.

Installation + training: After delivery, according to the needs of the purchasing customer, the after-sales service personnel will arrive at the designated place of the customer, to install the equipment in time.

Service + tracking: After-sales service personnel need to do a follow-up survey of each customer responsible for their own use of equipment, and conduct detailed records and targeted problems to solve.dog food extruder machine factory


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