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One sided headache any home remedies? 

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Im 16 weeks and have the same issue...i was told it was die to the rapid increase of blood supply to my body and hormones....
I also have nausea food intake is poor. I will be enetering 13th week from tomorrow dying to eat some good food without nausea and vomiting.
Interesting i am 16 weeks and have constant headaches,and i was told it's because of anxiety caused by the vivid dreams i have almost every night.so the body responds while in sleep,
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Yes, I also started getting them at 12 weeks. Now 15 weeks...they got a bit better but still a dull headache/dizzyness feeling.

Whats worse is I cant drink any panado (I throw up when i drink panado) 

2 things helps me.

1. Hubby massages my neck and shoulders.

2. Damped cloth over head and try to sleep.

    When at work I put a cold coldrink or water against my head, it seems to help a little bit. 

It does get better though so stay strong. These migrains are the worst. 

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