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My first ultrasound showed 2 babies in 1 sack my hcg levels were 8,638 then  I went to my second ultrasound and showed 1 baby in the sac my due date changed a few days farther then it was. I feel like im already starting to show at 6.5 weeks what could this mean im confused is it 1 or 2 babies. 

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Hinthere ultrasound due dates change with each ultrasounds the dr said to me the first duedatwbis the most accurate and it can be that the one baby is laying begind the other one sothat you can see the baby on the scan my one friend only find out she was carrying twins on the 5th month of pregnancy then on the next scan tbey only saw one baby again and the scan after that they saw 2 babies again 
Thank you so much

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