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Pls pls loves,am confused and worried,this app is showing 5months,and mid-wife said am going to 4months(3months+),my tummy is still small,can't feel baby yet,thou I had bleeding sometimes but when I check they will say is there ,hrtbeat is OK,I don't have constipation much,I poo normally sometimes diarrhea, am worried if am really pregnant pls help me,PT always negative,my husband is fed up on the complications.

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What does ultrasound show? 
Did an ultrasound during 16week after a week I bleeded,they said it shows am not pregnant at the moment that they can't see baby,but I should come back two weeks time,I cried then and very worried then I went to check on it again the nurse said the baby breathing normal and is there,that is small that ultrasound can't see it now and also bcs I bleeded,I should wait for 6months,before I go again,am waiting but the emotional stress is giving me is too much and unbearable,both families

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