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Pls help my tummy hasn't come out and am not feeling my baby or kicks,suffering from diarrhea and gas,with abdominal pain ,backache,pls help and worried,and y am i still showing negative on my PT,but the nurse and hospital I visited said am 3mobths months pregnant and the hrtbeat is ok,am worried ooo,my husband and mother inin-law are in doubt that am really pregnant,wat do I do help

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Best is to go for a ultrasound scan and show them the scan photo is they are doubting you about the pregnancy i only started to show at 20 weeks plus(i have a small figure) the reason that yiu not showing can also be that the baby is more towards the back ((there is a name for it but i cant remember now maby a other mommy can help)) and in a first pregnancy you can sometimes go up to 24 weeks without feeling any kicks by 20 weeks small fludders usally start(movements can be felt anytime frim 16 weeks to 24 weeks) 
Thanks a lot love,always pray for me o
Will do pray for you mommy im also 19 weeks no kicks yet
Will keep you in my prayers please let us know what the scan say etc ❤️
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Hunnie u need go get a iltrasound  to put any doubts to bed. And if your a 1st time mummy it will take longer for your belly to pop than what it would a 2nd or 3rd pregnancy xx hope this helps. Good luck with everything 
Thanks Alot mommies,pls always pray for me,I don't want to be hurt in the end or shamed,I want to carry my baby last last

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