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I have problem of breathlessness,  i told this to my doctor but he never understood this. My ECG & sonography report are normal, there is no problem in my pregnancy but i don't know why this happens to me

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This is fairly normal for pregnancy, it is exhausting. 

 Have you had a covid test to rule that out? 

It may be worth getting an asthma check up? My asthma has already flared up at 7 weeks. 

Also, seasonal allergies can make you feel a bit breathless like tree pollen etc, but be sure to ask a doctor before you take an anti histamines 
This sounds very familiar to my first pregnancy. I think it was because of all the movement of my organs being pushed up which applied more pressure. I complained of the same thing but it was nothing to worry about and I eventually adapted to it. I'm early into my second pregnancy now but expect the same issue again.
It is pretty normal even with early pregnancy to become breathless. The volume of blood in your body increases so the supply of oxygen to you and your baby increases too which results in becoming tired and breathless quicker than if you weren't pregnant.

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