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My prenatal vitamin is making my sick. I've tried to take it at different times, and with different meals, but it makes me throw up. Any suggestions? 

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You need let your doctor know
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Try Ritual. They're Organic and has lemon flavor. They're capsules and are vegan friendly. Prenatals make me sick too but these are the only 1s that work for me. Look it uP in YouTube and Google them. Ritual prenatal vitamins.
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You should definitely talk to your doctor. With my first baby, I couldn't take the ones my doctor prescribed, but I started taking a double dose (2 chewable vitamins) of children's chewable vitamins that had extra iron and folic acid. My doctor said that was fine and at the time there wasn't nearly as many over the counter options as there is now for prenatal vitamins, so that was probably the best thing I could've taken anyway. There are plenty of options out there now though and you might just have to keep trying different ones till you find one you can keep down. It is important to find one that has iron and folic acid though, which is rare in gummies, especially the iron. I can't think off the top of my head which brand I'm currently taking, but it is a gummy and it has folic acid and iron, but they don't taste that great. I'm assuming the iron is what makes them taste gross and is probably why it's so difficult to find gummies that have iron. But for me it's better than swallowing huge pills right now, which normally isn't a problem, but my gag reflex is pretty sensitive right now... I even have a difficult time with masks under my chin and the necks of my shirts being too close to my neck. Makes me really want to hurl.

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