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Anyone else experiencing pins and needles during sleep while pregnant? I've never had this issue with my previous pregnancies. It happens regardless of whether I'm sleeping on my right or left side. Is this normal, and what can I do to alleviate it?
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Experiencing pins and needles during sleep is a common complaint among pregnant women. It is often caused by the pressure exerted on nerves and blood vessels due to the growing belly. This can lead to reduced circulation and nerve compression, resulting in tingling sensations.

To alleviate this discomfort, try changing your sleeping position frequently throughout the night. Elevating your legs with a pillow or using a pregnancy pillow for support can also help improve blood flow. Avoid crossing your legs or sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Regular exercise, such as walking or prenatal yoga, can promote better circulation and reduce the frequency of pins and needles. Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamins B6 and B12 may help support nerve health.

If these measures don't provide relief, consult your healthcare provider for further evaluation. They may recommend wearing wrist splints at night or other interventions based on your specific situation.

Remember that every pregnancy is different, so experiencing new symptoms like pins and needles is not uncommon. However, if you have any concerns about your symptoms or their severity, it's always best to seek medical advice for reassurance and appropriate guidance.

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Yes very bad in fact that bad am needing splints it can be ratherpainful also. I never had with any of my other pregnancies

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Im also getting pins and needles. Any thoughts would be great to hear 

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