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17week pregant with no bump at all just look like normal belly fat and rolls.

It's my 2nd baby my 1st baby was 10years ago.

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hey, I'm just gone 15 weeks today with my 2nd baby and already have a bump but everyone is different right down in my abdomen is huge a hard and it's starting to fill my belly nearly I just hope I don't find out there's 2 in there lol, hopefully in the next week or 2 u shud start to show some more, try eating more fruit and plenty of water, take care x
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I just started showing at 20 weeks (1st) . My sister is 12 weeks and is showing (2nd). My cousin didn't show at all (2nd). This is not uncommon. Every pregnancy is different.
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My dear relax,we are in this together, sometimes am so worried I request for an Altrasound,but my baby is perfectly fine,it normal,it all depends on your body type

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