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But I don't feel breasts tenderness, nor nausea.

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U may use test card & make check on home but check it in morning .if u check it morning means only u got absolute result.
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If you have been sexually active and still haven't had your period yet and you normally get one regularly, you should definitely take a pregnancy test. My last period was on the 6th of January. I should have had 2 periods by now and haven't yet. I did take a home test about 5 days before my first missed period and it said negative, but 7 days later I still hadn't started so I took another one and it was positive. According to this app I'm due October 13.  If you are pregnant too, we'll be due around the same time. But the main reason you should take a test is because if you're not pregnant, you need to find out why your period is missing. It could be a serious health concern and the sooner you get to a doctor and find out, the better your outcome. Good luck hun.

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