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Pls help am worried does it mean am not pregnant? Bcs after the bleeding I was told my baby is still there and breathing is normal,but I should go to the scan first so I did and heard sad story that there is nothing there,while I did not see any clot or anything that looks like baby when when I blessed,I am 3 months,pls wat do I do,help plsss

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See if you have an anterior tilted uterus (suggest the possibility)  happens sometimes 
Gudmorning,What do u mean by that  ma,I later went to my nurse she checked my stomach and hrtbeat and said that the baby is there,but am still. Confuse and worried I don't know wat to believe again,wat do I do ma.
Don't worry ur baby is intact it happens to me too, scan says there's nothing in my gestation sac meaning there's nothing in my womb. But my mid wife touched me an said my babies are intact an they are developing well.. My dear once ur spotting scan will not capture the baby, but any month the spotting stops once u go for scan, the baby will show. Am talking to u because am experiencing the same thing and i have noting to worry about anymore.
I love u dear,tnks for this reply,it really made me strong,I will be praying for me and u dear,u should put me in prayer,let everything be OK for us,pregnancy no easy oo,on God we trust

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