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Can someone please provide effective remedies for relieving nausea, vomiting, and low blood pressure during pregnancy at 22 weeks? My wife is experiencing these symptoms and we are looking for solutions.
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Nausea, vomiting, and low blood pressure are common issues during pregnancy. Here are some remedies that may help alleviate these symptoms:

  • Nausea and Vomiting:
    - Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day to avoid an empty stomach.
    - Avoid spicy, greasy, or strong-smelling foods that can trigger nausea.
    - Ginger has been found to be effective in reducing nausea. Try ginger tea or ginger candies.
    - Stay hydrated by sipping on water or clear fluids like herbal tea or broth.
    - Avoid triggers such as strong smells or certain foods that worsen the symptoms.

  • Low Blood Pressure:
    - Encourage your wife to get up slowly from a sitting or lying position to prevent dizziness.
    - Have her wear compression stockings to improve circulation and reduce lightheadedness.
    - Increase fluid intake to maintain hydration levels.
    - Make sure she eats regular meals with a balanced diet including enough salt.

    It's important for your wife to consult with her healthcare provider about these symptoms as they can provide personalized advice based on her specific situation. They may also recommend medication if necessary.

    Remember that every pregnancy is different, so what works for one person may not work for another. Patience and support are key during this time.

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    Marijuana would help because its better then feeding your baby all these different type of pills in also help you eat in gain weight like you need to i spoke with my provider about it she just told me to do what you think is best because it dosent affect the baby! Also i have 2 more before my baby boy is born and i smoked thru out the whole pregnancy because of lack of weight gain in throwing up so much!

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    She will have her regular check ups, but if you are worried go and see your GP. Every pregnancy is so different and some women can be sick for a long time but it is important to get check out. 

    There are meds for pregnancy that are safe to help with nausea and vomiting is called "Dyclecton" spelled how it sounds I took it my first pregnancy as I had nausea and vomiting majority of the pregnancy.
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    In my last pregnancy I was sick up to giving birth.  Nothing helped.  I'd go doctors and see if they can prescribe her anti sickness tablets. Good luck
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    My Dr prescribed Emex, I see the syrup works wonders 

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