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I'm in 35 weeks and this is my second pregnancy. My first baby came to the world by C section cause of green water and problems with pulse. It was 2 years ago and in the next month I'm gonna delivey my second baby. I have huge fear cause I dont want to have another operation and I would love to have vaginal birth. I'm so scared that again something will go wrong and they will cut me. Someone is in similar situation??

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I can relate to your problem.My 1st delivery was c section because of green water  same problem.

For second delivery after 7 yrs I was same scared for c section.

I walked and moved a lot in last trimester and I had a normal delivery. Now I'm 3rd time pregnant hoping for normal delivery. I'm in 36 week. 
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Second pregnancy too

First was c section but that was one year ago

I believe we gonna have Virginia birth
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Hi my situation is same first c section due to green water it was painful for me after 18 months I was pregnant I don't want csection again I m in 29 weeks and so scared any tips for normal delivery thanks.

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