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I am 6weeks pregnant now..my old baby is 1.5yrs old now...I am worrying whtr I can manage both at a time..or shall I about this baby I am confused.. whether my old baby age  is correct to accept 2nd baby.

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Yes you will be fine. Don't about your baby your soo lucky your having your second child. There's soo many couples out there trying to have baby but no luck they can't conceive. Be thankful full. 
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Oh please, if you don't want to accept the baby please please reach out to me and I would be honored to take care of it for you and to become its legal guardian.
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yeah its normal my 1st baby was 1.5 when i delivered my 2nd baby .not a big issue raise 2 kids u should consider it u have to mange ur twins.best of luck dear

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