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During the process of labor and delivery, is it possible to request the application of mineral oil to prevent tearing? Is this a common practice in hospitals?
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Yes, it is possible to request the application of mineral oil during labor and delivery to help prevent tearing. This practice is known as perineal massage or lubrication and can be done by healthcare providers upon request. Mineral oil acts as a lubricant, making the tissues more flexible and reducing the risk of tears. However, it's important to note that not all hospitals may offer this option, so it's best to discuss your preferences with your healthcare provider beforehand. Additionally, there are other techniques and interventions available to minimize tearing during childbirth, such as warm compresses and controlled pushing. It's always recommended to have an open conversation with your healthcare provider about your concerns and preferences for a personalized birth plan.

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With my first, the doctor had me pause while the baby's head crowned so it would stretch the skin a little and it didn't tear. Maybe you can ask the doctor to do something like that? I'm not sure what she did but she said "ok now stop pushing..." and waited a few seconds while the baby was crowning and then was like "ok go."

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Yes you can but it's best to use coconut or olive oil. You can apply it yourself, no one can tell you what to do with your body 

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