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I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and my ultrasound report shows that the placenta is in a breech position, with the head on the right side. Can you please suggest some ways to help my baby get into the correct position before birth?
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It is common for babies to change positions throughout pregnancy, and there are several things you can try to encourage your baby to move into the correct position before birth. Here are some suggestions:

  • Stay active: Engage in regular physical activity such as walking, swimming, or prenatal yoga. These exercises can help create more space for your baby to move around and potentially encourage them to shift positions.

  • Practice good posture: Sit and stand up straight, avoiding slouching or leaning back too much. This helps create a favorable environment for your baby to settle into the head-down position.

  • Use gravity: Spend time on all fours or in positions that allow gravity to work in favor of getting your baby into the correct position. For example, try kneeling on a birthing ball or doing pelvic tilts.

  • Optimal fetal positioning techniques: Research optimal fetal positioning techniques such as Spinning Babies exercises or Webster technique performed by chiropractors specializing in prenatal care.

  • Avoid reclining positions: When resting or sleeping, avoid reclining positions as they may encourage your baby to settle into a breech position.

  • Seek professional guidance: Consult with your healthcare provider about specific exercises or techniques that may be suitable for you based on your individual circumstances.

    Remember, it's important not to force any movements or attempt risky maneuvers without professional guidance. Your healthcare provider will monitor your progress and provide appropriate advice based on your specific situation.

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     In my 1 st baby  I had breech baby but at 36 week dr . Turn it    by some external hand prosess on tummy, its possible to turn yr baby 

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