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I'm experiencing light brown spotting at 12 weeks of pregnancy and I have a history of miscarriages. Should I be worried about this or is it normal?
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Light brown spotting during the 12th week of pregnancy can be concerning, especially if you have a history of miscarriages. While it's important to consult with your healthcare provider for an accurate diagnosis, there are several potential causes for this spotting that may not necessarily indicate a problem. These include implantation bleeding, cervical irritation, or hormonal changes. However, it's crucial to rule out any complications such as threatened miscarriage or infection. Your healthcare provider will likely recommend an ultrasound and other tests to assess the situation and provide appropriate guidance. Remember to communicate any symptoms or concerns you may have so that your healthcare provider can offer the best possible care and support throughout your pregnancy journey.

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No don't u worry brown spotting is not dangerous but u still rest nd ur leg upper side at that sleeping time nd rest time.
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Consult doctor and they give u progesterone. Take complete rest.

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