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As a pregnant woman in my 7th week, is it safe for me to consume sushi? I have concerns about the potential risks and want to ensure the well-being of my baby.
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It is generally recommended to avoid consuming raw or undercooked seafood, including sushi, during pregnancy. Raw fish may contain harmful bacteria or parasites that can pose a risk to both you and your developing baby. However, there are some precautions you can take if you still want to enjoy sushi while pregnant. Opt for cooked or vegetarian sushi options instead of raw fish varieties. Make sure the ingredients are fresh and sourced from reputable sources. Additionally, discuss your specific dietary concerns with your healthcare provider who can provide personalized advice based on your medical history and individual circumstances.

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You are advised to not eat any raw meat or seafood due to the possibility of contamination that could impact you and the baby. So sashimi and raw sushi are on the do NOT eat list. I would avoid smoked fish rolls as well. You still have the option of choosing cooked, vegetarian, or tempura rolls that most sushi places carry.
You can eat sushi like salmon roses, be very careful where you eat it though. That the restaurant where you have it, always freeze their salmon before they serve it. Salmon is extremely good for you and your babie's brain development. Being pregnant myself, sushi with salmon is definitely one of my cravings

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