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Hi, I'm blessed with Boy baby on 9th June'20.

Here I want to clarify a thing which is getting me depressed day by day.

My LMP is 1st sep'19. I got married on 8th sep'19 only. In scan report

EDD by LMP was given as 7th june

EDD by USG was given as 14th June

I was perfectly healthy and water level is also better ~11cm on 1st June. Then went for check up on 9th June and Dr. Said that AFI is 6.5 cm, cervix not yet opened, so we need to emergency C-section otherwise baby will suffer respiratory problem(fetal distress).

Whether I could have waited for spontaneous pain to come ? Is there a way to increase AFI by any medicine? Is it possible to induce labor pain with low AFI ?


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