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What are the sensations of contractions for first-time moms? Is there bleeding or pain involved?
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Contractions can vary in sensation from woman to woman, but they are often described as intense cramping or tightening in the lower abdomen and back. Some women may also experience pain radiating down their legs. It is important to note that bleeding during contractions is not typical and should be evaluated by a healthcare provider. While contractions can be uncomfortable, they are a normal part of the labor process and indicate that your body is preparing for childbirth. If you have concerns about your contractions or any other symptoms, it is best to consult with your healthcare provider for guidance and support throughout your pregnancy journey.

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It feels like a fairly sore stomach cramp but this faint cramping goes on for about a half day starting as early as you get up to about at afternoon (depending on when it starts) by afternoon the cramps would have developed stronger, the 3 last cramps would be intensely painful and you would not be able to stand up, after 3rd cramp you'll feel a weird huge sack of water coming from the vagina (which is you water braking) then you'll baby will start coming out as well... Good luck 

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