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I feel sick all the time 

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I'm experiencing the same. It's just a part of pregnancy for a lot of women unfortunately. Some tips I've heard are: eat ginger biscuits, mints, ice chips. Try to get as much fluid as possible, it's most important that you and baby stay hydrated :)
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I am 14weeks and my all day sickness didn't stop until week 12 or 13. Good luck to you. Try fresh air when your eating it seemed to ease it for me. 
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If the pain and discomfort get too bad go to the ER. I had to do it the other week when I was 20 weeks and the doctors diagnosed me with hyperemesis gravidarum and gave me nausea medication which helps tremendously especially at 3:00 a.m. every morning.
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I have been the same. The only thing that has helped is to force myself to eat. I know what your thinking, you cant possibly eat when your nauseated. But believe me, as soon as you dry heeve or throw up, go eat cause you always feel better for a few seconds after you throw up, so go eat a snack to put something on your stomach. The reason you stay nauseated is because your stomach gets empty, I have been deathly sick for 3 weeks straight but I found a trick, before I even crawl out of bed in the mornings I force myself to eat a pack of crackers which I hate or either a nature valley fruit and nut bar and a sweet tea or Gatorade or whatever you drink. That helps me not get nauseated as soon as I stand up and get ready for work. Then on the way to work I eat a plum or whatever breakfast food you want, then I find myself not getting so sick and I keep an appetite. The main goal is do NOT let your stomach get empty, I promise it helps. I have had 2 really good days where I have not been nauseated at all because of this routine. Try it and see if it helps. But as soon as you start feeling the slightest bit of emptiness run and grab a snack. Hope this helps you, I know it is miserable and all I wanted to do was enjoy my pregnancy

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