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I have been experiencing a loss of appetite for the past 5 weeks, which is not healthy. What steps can I take to increase my appetite and establish a healthier eating routine?
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Same here 

Try to eat yougrt 3 4 spoon as u wake up it worked for me for 2 days but don't know how many days it will work
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I am also experience this now.

No vomiting no nausea and no appetite
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I had the same. I found salt crackers and some fruit easy to eat. And for me, taco was always easy to eat as dinner - everything else my body was like "no! What are you trying to feed me!" XD (I had to experiment, and made a lot of dishes were I ended up not being able to eat what I made XD). Juice may possibly also help. If nothing helps, I would contact your doctor/midwife. Good luck

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