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I am currently in my first trimester and experienced severe vomiting after consuming milk with saffron. As a result, I have a wound in my throat that is lightly bleeding. Is this a normal occurrence or should I seek medical advice? This is the first time I've encountered this issue and I'm looking for guidance on how to resolve it.
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It is not uncommon to experience vomiting during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. However, if you have developed a throat wound that is lightly bleeding as a result of the vomiting, it is advisable to consult your physician. While minor bleeding may not be cause for immediate concern, it is important to have it evaluated by a healthcare professional to rule out any potential complications or infections. Your physician will be able to provide you with appropriate guidance and treatment options based on your specific situation. In the meantime, you can try soothing remedies such as gargling with warm salt water or consuming cool liquids to alleviate any discomfort.

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Any vomiting that has cause bleeding should be looked at.  I wouldn't just go to your physician though... go see your OB, just to make sure your baby is ok too. 
Bleeding is not along with vomit. I had vomit in the mid night. Then in the morning i got wound in the throat due to skin irritation.  From that wound i got little/ light bleeding.

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