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What is the impact of a mother's stress and depression on the development of her baby during pregnancy?
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Research suggests that high levels of stress and depression in expectant mothers can have a significant impact on the developing baby. Stress hormones released by the mother can cross the placenta, potentially affecting fetal brain development and increasing the risk of behavioral and emotional problems later in life. Additionally, maternal stress can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as smoking or substance abuse, which further jeopardize the baby's well-being. It is crucial for pregnant women to seek support from healthcare professionals to manage their mental health effectively and promote a healthy environment for their unborn child.

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Some scientists believe that stress plays a big and same with depression they believe that if you have lots of both in the 3rd trimester your child is like to have depression when they get older and harder time dealing with stress and there emotions I myself have depression anxiety so I take meds for it which won't harm baby but best thing to do is try not to stress and try and be happy I know that can be hard at times but as moms we got this and we can support one another 

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