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I need help determining my accurate week of pregnancy. According to this app, I am 8 weeks and 2 days, but my doctor said I am only 6 weeks. Also, when should I get an ultrasound? My doctor has already done two ultrasounds in one month. Please answer both questions.
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To determine your accurate week of pregnancy, it is best to rely on the guidance of your healthcare provider rather than just an app. Your doctor may use various methods such as measuring the size of the fetus or calculating based on your last menstrual period. It's common for there to be a slight discrepancy between different methods.

As for when to get an ultrasound, it depends on various factors including your medical history and any specific concerns. Generally, a dating ultrasound is recommended around 8-10 weeks gestation to confirm the due date and check for the heartbeat. Additional ultrasounds may be performed if there are any complications or if further monitoring is needed.

It's important to communicate with your doctor about any confusion or concerns you have regarding your pregnancy timeline and ultrasound schedule. They will be able to provide personalized advice based on your individual situation.

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I would follow doctor's week. It may depend on more than just your last menstruation - it may also depend on if you ovaluated early or late. If you ovaluated late, the week may be set to i.e.6 instead of 7.

Heartbeat can be seen as early as 7 weeks, I think. But possibly not before week 8 for some? So if you were 6 weeks at the time (possibly bc u ovaluated late?), then you would need to come back in a week or two...

Here were I live, we do ultrasound somewhere between week 17 and 20. I have in week 19. Then they'll see how far the baby has developed, and update my week/due date accordingly.

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