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Hi, I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and I have noticed that my baby's movements have decreased over the past three days. Should I be worried about this or is it considered normal during pregnancy? I am feeling quite scared and anxious.
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It is important to pay attention to your baby's movements throughout pregnancy, as they can indicate their well-being. While it is common for fetal movement patterns to change as you near your due date, any significant decrease in movement should not be ignored. If you notice a consistent decrease in your baby's movements over several days, it is recommended to contact your healthcare provider for further evaluation. They may suggest monitoring techniques such as counting kicks or performing an ultrasound to ensure everything is okay with your baby. Remember, it is always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your baby's health.

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I m a staff nurse.. 

Take some meal

Keep ur self relaxed and count your baby kicking by putting knots in thread how much kick  u got if u got less than 10movement in 2hrs.. Immediately go to hospital and check ur baby heart beat wheather they have any distress

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Sometime enlarge body size and weight also can reduce the fetal movement 

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