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Hi all, During my recent anomaly scan, the radiologist informed me that my baby is a boy. However, just two weeks prior at 17.5 weeks, my doctor had confirmed that I am carrying a girl. Has anyone else experienced this situation before? Is it possible for the ultrasound to have made a mistake and my baby is actually a girl?
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It is rare but possible for an ultrasound to mistakenly identify the gender of a baby. Ultrasound scans are typically accurate in determining the sex of the baby, especially during the second trimester when the genitalia are more developed. However, there are instances where misinterpretation or miscommunication can occur.

Factors such as the position of the baby, clarity of the image, and experience of the sonographer can influence the accuracy of gender determination. In some cases, if the baby's legs are crossed or if they are in an unfavorable position, it may be challenging to get a clear view of their genitalia.

It is important to remember that ultrasounds are not foolproof and errors can happen. If you have doubts about your baby's gender based on conflicting information from different healthcare providers or scans, it is advisable to seek clarification from your doctor or request another scan for confirmation.

In situations where there is uncertainty about the baby's gender, further diagnostic tests like amniocentesis or genetic testing can provide more accurate results. These tests analyze fetal DNA and can determine with greater certainty whether you are expecting a boy or girl.

Remember that regardless of your baby's gender, what matters most is their health and well-being. Focus on taking care of yourself during pregnancy and preparing for your little one's arrival.

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Sometimes when looking at a sonogram they can say it's a girl cause they don't see the penis. With my son they told me he was a girl while they were still checking the growth he spread his legs and revealed himself.. I'm sure next visit ask to make sure if it's a boy or girl they don't mind!! Good luck 
Thank you for ur response..

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