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I am currently 12 weeks pregnant, and I recently discovered that both my baby's father and I have contracted an STI on May 4th. We are scheduled to see our doctor in the third week of June, but I am concerned about how long it will take for the medication to cure us. Can you please provide information on how long STDs and STIs typically last in the body after taking medication?
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  1. If u adhered to your antibiotics and took the right dose as prescribed by your physician, the std or sti will go immediately you finish the dose, provided your partner was also treated. 
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It depends on the STD/STI. Some after treatment will still be with you but dormant. If it is virus based there is only treatment no cure. 

Make sure your doctor treating the STD knows you're pregnant as it may impact how they treat you to keep your baby safe. (Most antibiotics can be harmful during pregnancy).

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