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My baby is not taking my breast milk quickly and prefers formula milk. What can I do to encourage her to take mine instead?
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It is common for babies to prefer bottle feeding over breastfeeding due to the ease and speed of getting milk from a bottle. However, there are several strategies you can try to encourage your baby to take breast milk instead of formula.

  • Skin-to-skin contact: Spend time with your baby skin-to-skin before each feeding session. This helps create a bond and stimulates the release of hormones that promote breastfeeding.

  • Offer breast first: Always offer your breast first before offering the bottle. Babies are more likely to latch on when they are hungry.

  • Use paced bottle feeding: If you need to supplement with formula, use paced bottle feeding techniques. This involves holding the bottle in a horizontal position and allowing your baby to control the flow of milk by pausing and taking breaks during feeds.

  • Pumping and storing breast milk: If you have a low supply or need to be away from your baby, consider pumping and storing your breast milk for future feedings. This way, you can still provide your own milk even if you're not physically present.

  • Seek support from a lactation consultant: A lactation consultant can assess any breastfeeding difficulties, provide guidance on proper latch techniques, and offer personalized advice tailored to your situation.

    Remember, it may take time for your baby to adjust and develop a preference for breastfeeding. Be patient, consistent, and seek professional help if needed.

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    Does she drink your milk if you pump and put it into a bottle?

    My first baby was the same. She was a smaller baby though and it took us about 1 month to have her take the breast. It literally happened over night that she just started taking it. My midwife said that if the babies are small sometimes it's hard for them to breastfeed. If they grow it bit it works. My advice would be to keep trying! Don't work yourself up about it and take it easy but don't give up. At least pump and give her that milk. And get a lactation consultant or midwife or doctor to look at your breastfeeding. They usually have really good advice!   Guess there are some babies that just won't ever breastfeed but I would try for a good while before giving up on that Gold for your baby. ☺️

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