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Is it safe for pregnant women to engage in sexual activity during the 20th week of pregnancy? What precautions should be taken?
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It is generally safe for pregnant women to have sex during the 20th week of pregnancy, as long as there are no complications or medical conditions that would advise against it. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider to ensure individual circumstances are taken into account. Some precautions that can be followed include using comfortable positions, avoiding deep penetration, and communicating any discomfort or concerns with your partner. Additionally, practicing safe sex by using condoms can help reduce the risk of infections.

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If your pregnancy is low risk, sex is safe but you should consult with your gynaecologist if you have any doubts.
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I am 20 weeks as well and I have  been having sex all through out my pregnancy and I haven't had any problems. But what I know is if your gynea suggests you dont do it for a certain period then you shouldn't. 

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