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I gave birth on January 30, and my bleeding stopped on February 24. On March 2-18, I experienced bleeding again. I am unsure if this is my menstrual period or if it is still postpartum bleeding. Currently, I have not had any menstrual periods or cramps. I am exclusively breastfeeding. Why haven't I seen my period yet?
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It is common for women to experience confusion regarding the nature of their bleeding after giving birth. In your case, the bleeding you experienced from March 2-18 could be either a menstrual period or postpartum bleeding. Postpartum bleeding typically lasts for about six weeks after childbirth but can vary from person to person. The fact that you have not had any menstrual periods or cramps since then suggests that it may still be related to your postpartum recovery.

Breastfeeding can also affect the return of your menstrual cycle. The hormone prolactin, which stimulates milk production, can suppress ovulation and delay the return of menstruation in some women. This phenomenon is known as lactational amenorrhea.

If you are concerned about the absence of your period, it is always best to consult with your healthcare provider for a proper evaluation and guidance specific to your situation. They can assess any underlying factors contributing to the delay and provide appropriate advice.

In summary, while it is difficult to determine definitively whether your bleeding was a menstrual period or postpartum bleeding without further information, the absence of subsequent periods and breastfeeding may contribute to its delayed return. Consulting with a healthcare professional will help address any concerns and provide personalized guidance based on your individual circumstances.

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After having a baby it can take a few months for your hormones to regulate and to get your period back on the normal usual periods. In the meantime your periods could be irregular for a while. Do not worry it is normal

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